Ballerina takes over Barcelona

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If I could choose to be any animal, I would choose to be a bird. I could fly freely, soar in sunsets over the ocean, visit a thousand places and see my family to care for them every day. When I dance, I feel I’m that bird. I disconnect, I can fly, time stops and I feel joy, peace, passion and love in my heart.

Those are some of the words shared by Claudia when she explains how she feels when she dances. She’s 27 seven years old and has been practicing ballet since she was five. Even though she wasn’t the most elastic one or started practicing under the best conditions, she was full of determination and became a wonderful ballerina.

The ones that find it easier, didn’t try so hard and were left behind. But for those of us who found it more challenging kept going, and with lots of effort we reached our dream.

We took over Barcelona with Claudia. We roamed the little streets of El Gótico, we visit the Cathedral and danced during the sunset at the beach near El Forum. We had tourists accompanying us, an opera singer giving us music and the sun lighting every shot.

You have to believe in your soul, surrender to yourself, to your muscles, to your bones, to the music and just for a moment, enjoy that amazing instant of perfect balance between mind, body and spirit.

Loving yourself is the best medicine. The one that heals all wounds and makes you feel happy and free to love the world.




Tips to improve your public speaking in 5 steps

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Being an entrepreneur requires you to have a wide set of skills. And public speaking is one of them. A very important one, in fact. You never know where you might run into a potential client, investor or future employee.

As entrepreneurs we are constantly meeting new people, going to networking events and grasping any opportunity we have to talk about our project. And that require us to know how to master effective public speaking.

Acing a pitch about your product or service is a priority. If you want other people to get on board and to get investors interested on what you’re doing, you can’t miss any chance to present your project. It’s a seize the moment thing.

With that in mind, here are six tips that can help you to instantly improve your public speaking abilities. And we are going deeper than just picturing the audience in their underwear… that just doesn’t work.

Introduce yourself

In a time where we are constantly bombed by tons of information, it’s very important to start making things personal. People want to know the person behind the product or service  they are consuming. And the same goes for investors. They need to trust the person they are giving their money to. Introduce yourself! Let them get to know you.

Really know what you’re selling

Ok. This might seem obvious, but is not. Sometimes we have a very clear idea of our project in our minds, but when it comes to talk about and explain it to others, we fall short. It’s of extreme importance to know everything about your project: time frames, budget, target, working methods, team members. Everything!

Keep it short and interesting

This sounds easier said than done. Specially because in these cases, we are talking about something we feel very passionate about. Our project, our baby. So it’s very easy that we get carried away. As much as we’d love to, we can’t ramble for hours. Make a list about the three most important things about your project. Narrow it down to the basics and don’t underestimate the attention of your audience.

Put emotion into it!

If you don’t feel it, no one will. You have to manifest and share your passion. But let’s be clear. Passion can be expressed in many ways and we are not talking about yelling or screaming or acting crazy. You have to take your audience through an emotional journey through your pitch: desire, enthusiasm, curiosity. Help them connect!


This could be a difficult one considering the nerves public speaking causes in most of us. But proper breathing has many advantages. First, it helps you to modulate better and keeps you from stumbling through your speech. On the other hand, controlled breathing improves concentration and calms your nerves. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax!

Write a pitch and say it aloud everyday

As the wise say, practice makes master. Take some time to sit down and write a pitch. Then, read it until you have it and say it aloud everyday! When you’re having breakfast, taking a shower or before going to sleep. The key to effective public speaking is to be prepared. But keep it flexible! It’s not about “learning” your pitch, it’s about being ready.

Remember, no one knows your project better than you do. And in the entrepreneur’s world, public speaking is very important. Whether you’re in a networking event, or at a party, you should know how to talk in a way others connect to you and your project.

These few tips can help you improve your public speaking abilities. Of course, many of us develop our own methods to prepare for these situations. Do you have any personal rituals before giving a pitch you would like to share with the rest of the entrepreneurs community?

Profiles: Miss Hazard

Meet Hazard. She is a 25 year old graffiti artist.

street artist hazard

She has been spray painting for 11 years now and has been voted in the Top 5 Female Graffiti Artists in the UK by The Guardian and in the Top 25 worldwide by The Huffington Post.

Her main subjects are females. Her designs are beautiful, filled with color and mesmerizing. Almost as if her creations could see you directly to your eyes.

street artist hazard

She has painted all over. Bristol, London, York, Barcelona, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Gdansk are some of the cities she’s left her art, and there are many more places to come. The dream? To paint a graffiti on a 25 meters high building wall.

She’s often asked by people what her real job is when she explains she is a graffiti artist.

street artist hazard

I believe that with thought and application anything is achievable.

You can watch Hazard in action in this short interview we did with her. She invited the SodaBerry team to accompany her during a graffiti session. We asked her some questions and got to know more about the urban art life.

You can follow Hazard on her social media pages to see more of her beautiful work:

Instagram / Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter 


Autumn in Barcelona

Photography Autumn in Barcelona


This amazing photography was taken in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain in El Parc del Poblenou.

Photographer: Mafe Roig

You can visit her blog by clickin here.

We love to celebrate all kinds of art in any kind of form. So if you have something you’ll like to share, please sent it to and we’ll gladly make a post of your work.

The New Summoner’s Rift is Here

The uptaded Summoner’s Rift map is finally here and we are lovin’ it! The setup may be the same as before, but the look is completely different and awesome. Both bases and jungles now include new and unique architectural elements that set them apart to help summoners orient faster on the map.


And this update of Summoner’s Rift is much more that just putting some makeup on the old one. Riot has also added new features, like inhibitor timers so you know how much time you’ve got to stack up and win the game.

Another great thing about the improvement of Summoner’s Rift, is the height differentiation of elements in the terrain. This will definitely help you make smarter moves when using Flash and trying to get over those walls to scape or ambush your enemies.


Between upgrades in the design and new elements to improve League of Legends gameplay, the new Summoner’s Rift will surely make your battles in the Fields of Justice much better and epic.

All of these changes were carefully thought to make your life as a Summoner much more easier. So, thumbs up and vows to Riot for these amazing improvement in game design.

Project: Homelessfonts

HOMELESSFONTS is a project developed by the Arrels Foundation that consists on creating fonts from the handwritting of people living on the streets who carry signs asking for help.

Now, thanks to this amazing project and the Font Workshop they’ve created, their fonts have passed from cardboards to stores for designers, brands and general audience to purchase and use in their own communicational projects.

All the beneffits obtaind are destined to help the 1400 people under Arrels Foundation care.

Here is a short video from Homelessfonts so you can learn a little bit more about their project.


We believe it’s amazing how this project is helping people get out of the streets through creativity and the use of their own unique abilities.

If you wish to learn more about it, visit the Homelessfotns website clicking here or by going to the Arrels Foundation website. There, you may also purchase the fonts or collaborate with them through your own skills or any other way you can 🙂